Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here we go....

Not to much to update this week. We did have another amazing miracle yesterday. One of our recent converts in the oakville area Celina Xavier gave us the most amazing referral. She was on a plane back from Dominica where she is from in South America. She was sick and told the lady next to her to warn anybody if she had a seizure on the flight. The lady she was sitting next to was a lady named Katrine from St. Lutia. Katrine was leaving St. Lutia to escape an abusive relationship and is coming to Canada to apply for refugee status. It turned out that sometime during the trip the friend that Katrine was going to be staying with could no longer board her. So Celina invited her to her house. She invited us over to meet her and we asked her if we could watch the restoration dvd with her. We were going to start it but she had to go so she invited us back the next day to watch it. We watched it with her and the whole Xavier family, Celina talked to her in Patwa (carribean language another word for broken english) and then she told us that she wanted to repent of some things that happened in her past and start a new life. She accepted a baptismal date for july 26th and we saw her the next day and she had read a chapter our of the book of mormon and is excited to come to church!

Everything else is going well... all the missionaries in my district are very young. One has been out a year, one nine months and the 4 others about 6 months. They are always joking with me about how old I am. It is really strange to be around so many young missionaries, its exciting but I feel really old! I am always telling these stories about missionaries or things that it seems like everyone should know and then it turns out they went home a few months before any of them came into the mission. And then they mention something that happened within the last few years in the states and I have no clue...

It was a great blessing to be able to come to oakville there is a lot of work to be done here with the ward leadership to get them excited about missionary work - the other missionaries in the ward are perfect to help it to take the next step and we are really trying to get the ball rolling with member missionary work over the next few weeks!

I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week! Good luck with the bike trips, school and all other things that are going on!

Elder Joshua Olson

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