Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry I missed a week!

Yes, I am still alive! Don't worry Just missed a week because we were a little busy. Transfer week is coming up, it is a little exciting but I'm also just bracing for it. Little sleep and a lot of meetings and organization. Its rewarding though I am learning so much about just how to be effective while helping to organize the mission. My companion and President Eyre are really talented so I'm learning a ton every day. Write now we are just doing some pre-transfer meeting planning and preparing ahead for the new missionary meetings, zone leader meetings, and zone conferences. Other than that, we are going to the temple today - we are also going back to the gym and are on a work out program again... In other news were have been able to get out and work in our area. We were able to commit an investigator for baptism the other day, a 20 yr. old guy named Josh(funny) who we found when we went to an appointment with his mother who ended up not being there but we were able to meet him for the first time and he let us teach him. And then just last night we were tracting in an apartment building and we knocked on one door that sounded like world war two was going on inside. This Nigerian guy answered the door and he in a huge rushed asked us who we were and what we were doing and then said he would be back in a second. When he came back to the door he had a playstation controller in his hand and he told us to come in. I had to wait for my companion who was talking to someone else in the hallway so he told us to come in wherever. We came in and had to wait for about five minutes for him to finish his world war two game but then we were able to teach them and his two friends. It was an amazing lesson. Really powerful and they understood everything really well until right after the first vision when both of the nigerians said , 'Man cannot see god, I've read it in the bible' and also they asked the question ,"Why would god have to come down if Jesus could?" So my companion immediately taught about how important it was for the father and son and the holy ghost all to be present because it meant a great revelation on the nature of the godhead and then I was able to share a few accounts of people in the bible seeing god and then gave them acts 7:55-56 to read about stephen seeing god with christ on his right hand. Both of those answers and after we bore testimony that we knew that man could see god and that Joseph Smith really had. They completely changed their attitudes and the first guy we talked to Nick said "Oh, I didn't know this about your church all I heard was crazy stuff like you didn't believe in Jesus, I really want to come to you church." Although they didn't accept a baptismal date on that appointment, mostly because they were running out of time they are really solid and I am excited to go back and teach them. Anyway Thanks for the e-mails and we will talk to you later!

Love Elder Joshua Olson

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