Saturday, February 28, 2009

A little later this week....

We are in the office late tonight which gave me a minute to send off an e-mail...

This week has been really busy with transfers and with preparing all of the transferly meetings. This week we had an extra little surprise. When we sat down to do transfer meeting, right after the prayer (it was just President and my companion and I as usual) President said "just to let you know unless you have already been told by the spirit we are going to need another companion for Elder Wylie" and he moved the picture of Elder Wylie's companion Elder Diehl over to the pictures of my companion and I. At first we were just kind of shocked, we kind of thought he might be joking. Usually when they call a new assistant we know beforehand that he is going to and he calls them a few days before. But he was sitting in an Interview with Elder Diehl and just felt impressed to call him, we have had a lot of assistant threesomes in the past and they more effective- we can get more done in the office and go on more travels! So now I have two companions again, just like I did at the beginning of last transfer. Elder Diehl was in my MTC district so we know each other pretty well already; he is from Salt Lake City and was almost a professional skier. Anyway that was a long story but an interesting one.
So we've been working a lot the past few days to prepare zone leader's council and zone conference. I am giving a talk in zone conference this transfer; there is always one assistant that speaks. it is going to be on enduring to the end or in the context of the mission never losing faith or fire no matter what happens and trying to give as much effort in every minute of the day as you can. It’s going to be really enjoyable I’ve been reading a lot of talks by Neil A. Maxwell about enduring to the end, he is probably one of my favourite speakers.
In other developments we did something recently that as far as I know has never been done before. Once a transfer we drive one of our mission vans over to the west mission which is in the City of Brampton where the temple is and drop it (we each have on but we borrow the other missions so that we have two for transfer week). This time we decided to make it really effective so we called the west mission assistants and we asked to take them out to breakfast just to go over how each mission works to get some new ideas. Really interesting, really good missionaries but even without bias (because I am probably really biased towards the CTEM) I would say that I am glad I had the opportunity to be in this mission.
Hopefully that was a few interesting insights into what is going on in the CTEM, hope to hear from you soon!
Love Elder Joshua Olson

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