Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sorry you didn't hear from me last week, I know how much of a bummer it can be to get to the library and have no new email to read. I had a good excuse though I was transferred and didn't even have time to get any groceries done. And now I'm almost out of time on the internet because I could only get a 30 min. guess pass. Well I'm in a town called Whitby and I'm actually in a ward now I'm about 30 minutes from Toronto. They sent me out here and made me a district leader- so thats a little nerve wracking. Things are going great up here even though I just heard that this may have been (and is still being) the worst winter in Canada in over 50 years. I hope your surviving down there sounds like you've had some pretty nasty wind. We are having a great time up here the city is alot more diverse. We had an amazing miracle last friday when we were walking out of a members home and ran to talk to someone who had just pulled up. He let us inside and we taught his family of five from Iran. They speak farsii and english and we were able to teach them about the restoration and they are incredibly excited to come to church and to go to youth activities. We are also teaching a great family where wife is in the church but the husband and children are not. They are a wonderfull family and he has a baptismal date for he 3rd week of march. During each apointment the 2 year old daught is always taking tons of pictures of us with a cell phone and after every apointment she runs up to us and gives us huge hugs. I love you guys and miss you alot but I'm having a great time up here in Canada and am working hard, hopefully I don't lose my hair!
Love Elder Olson

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