Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not too much to say today as I haven't heard from you since last weeks e-mail, letters take forever to go through the border and then they only get picked up from toronto when someone goes out there. Which isn't too often my zone is the furthest east and is often called the lost zone. Apparently Elder Ballard came to speak to our mission and only our zone wasn't able to attend because we were too far out (the same reason we are the only zone that doesn't go to the temple). Tomorrow I'll be doing the gallon challenge with a less active member and one of the priests in the ward that comes out with us alot. We are going to be doing it again with our district next p-day... that is alot of milk. I'm going to be sure to take alot of pictures. Oh yah... and I'm speaking again in sacrament meeting. This time with one of the district councillors. I've never had to give so many talks in my entire life. I hope your all doing well, school just started so thats pretty exciting. It got hot out here again I'm getting pretty tired of the heat its Canada it should be cold.

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