Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey I got Transfered...

Well on the Monday after we talked on the phone President told me that I would have the opportunity to go back to the field for my last transfer. Its sad to leave, especially being able to work with and see all the missionaries but I am really excited to be able to concentrate and just work an area for my last transfer. In the office we do a lot of long-term planning and think a lot which can be unsettling when you are getting old in the mission. I'm going to an area called Oakville, which is full of rich people but it also has a good balance of other people too. I'm going to be the district leader out there which I am very excited about. It will be nice to get to know and work with a smaller group of elders and to be able to focus most of my time with my companions (I have two) and my area. My new companions will be E. Stidham and E. Tapp. They are both really young, right around 4-6 months. E. Stidham is from Salt Lake City, Utah and E. Tapp is from Rigby Idaho. They are both hard working fun companions E. Tapp has big round Ray-bon glasses. I had the chance to give my companions their transfer calls to tell them that we would be companions. When I called him I told him that we were going to buy matching glasses! We apparently have a really good investigator that we are teaching with a baptismal date, a body-builder named Reza, and a lot of potential with the members in the area. Its a really weird feeling going back to the field. I am excited to focus and to work but its feels weird - I feel like a lot of responsibility has been taken away and its kind of a hard adjustment. I've been able to talk to my last two companions that did the same thing and they have given me some good advice. I don't think that there are any questions that I need to answer or anything but if I do I will be back on the regular Wednesday e-mail schedule - old predictable. I hope everyone in Virginia has a good Camping trip and We are about to drive back to Oakville and start the transfer fresh. I've set some goals for my last transfer, and I want my last transfer to be the most hardworking transfer of my mission - I think it will be because both of my companions are really hard workers so we will all be on the same page!

Love Elder Joshua Olson

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