Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello there!

I'm glad to hear from you guys again and I feel bad about not getting an e-mail off last week, I wrote one and then the library (which has recently been renovated) dropped its internet connection before I could get anything off. Good news is that I did recieve the halloween package. Really quickly I should tell you about my new companion. His names Elder Hinkle from Salinas, California (it where lettuce comes from, check it out on any lettuce you by from the grocery store) and hes an interesting character. The change from Elder Brennan to Elder Hinkle has been a little rough as they are complete opposites in every way, but thats ok because I'm learning why we are supposed to have companionship inventory once a week to talk about our problems and how to resolve them. You'd be surprised at how well it works, I never had to do it with my last companion. Anyway, opening the Halloween package with him around was like opening pandora's box. Suddently I was blowing up balloons and making things grow, eating eyeballs and drinking out of skulls- I swear he though all the evils of the world had opened up on him. He looked at me odd when I handed him the frankenstein cup and said here this is for you to drink! Not that he was scared, but every time I pulled out something new I think he was tallying them up as distration number 1, distraction number 2... So thanks I'm having a ball... or should I say a monster mash, its a midnight bash!
We have just spent two weeks doing alot of tracting and finding alot more people to teach and it was very succesful. We are now teaching a really cool phillipino guy names rod who is about 23 and he reminds me alot of Sergio Ortiz. We are also teaching a middle aged lady who is a diesel motor technician in the Canadian military. One of the people we've been teaching for a while now is Laura, who is about twenty, and she is ready to be baptized as soon as her mother returns from Ireland. We also have begun teaching her roomate who has already read more of the Book of Mormon than Laura has. We've had a lot of good meetings with both of them and it will be really good for them to be able to got to church together.
Its really warm up here in Canada, people keep telling me its the warmest fall they remember but it finally is getting cold and rainy. I'll be glad when I get my coat in the mail. One thing for Christmas that I forgot to ask for would be my gray beanie. I don't think I'll need it before christmas but it would be nice to save buying a new one. Its kind of interesting this will be the first christmas in a while that I am actually pretty sure of what I want... kind of funny that way. It would be great to have another dark V-neck sweater, possibly one that'll look good with my pin-stripe suit if that exists. More sweet ties (becca I get alot of compliments on my green tie, more than any other!) that are nice and think and make a good knot whith all kinds of different colors. Possibly a nice pair of black leather gloves. And c.d.s anything classical, especially cool stuff like experimental yo-yo-ma recordings or really interesting piano and orchestra recordings (you know me anything a little strange) and anything mo-tab. (please no efy music). The music rule right now and this is a quote from President Callister , "Were moving towards the spirit of the law so, anything that makes you a better missionary". And Snicker Doodles! And Scarf!! And sock!!! So just pick anything out of the list. And especially pictures of the family and letters!!!!!!
And also some exclamation points... because I'm kind of running out of them!!!!! ! !! !
I hear everyone is doing well in school and thats good. Its kind of odd but I actually miss doing homework and math. So i'll let you go because I'm running out of time but my new goal is to make sure I remember to write a real letter every week so you'll hear from me again. I just found out I've been sending my mail in the local kingston box so its probably taken alot longer to get my letters than its should, oops.
Love josh.

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